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Duplicates problem with DTS…

Hi there,
I have this Dta Transformationtask, which creates duplicate key and I cannot find out why. If I take the SELECT statement from the SOURCE-tab and run it in QA I get no duplicates. The destination is correct, the transformation is ok, as far as I can see. When I run the complete step, I receive the Duplication Error message. So I delete the primkey from the targettable, the step is executed and yes, some entries are duplicated… Some, not all; until now I have not found why some entries are duplicated, but most are not.
So it looks like the SELECT statement works ok, I have tested that, but somewhere in the INSERT-part of the Data Transformationtask something goes wrong.
I would appreciate suggestions on how to check each step in the task other than the standard options in DTS?
Use multi-phase data pump
from that you can identify the record with duplicates
http://www.sqlservercentral.com/columnists/dasanka/themultiphasedatapump.asp —————————————-

Hi, Do you do any type of transformation with the data during the process or just use copy column transformation?. Are you using datapump task or other task? If you transform the data, what do you do? maybe that is the key.