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Dynamic DTS packs.

Has anyone done, or found a tool that can build Dynamic DTS packs through a client application, or through a intranet ap, using asp pages…? We have some Data Clerks that run DTS packs, and we want to take away that direct access and make a intranet ap for more control and security. -David Roesch
San Diego, Ca
Could you explain a bit better what are they supposed to do?
If for example those DTS are exporting the same structure with different parameters, you can do the following
– Create a table in that format.
– Create a DTS package that exports the content of the table into the desired format.
– Write a stored procedure that excepts parameters if there are and populates that table.
– Call the DTS package from the stored procedure.
You might also be able to use bcp for your task. but without a better understanding of what you need to do it is hard to say more. Bambola.

True, Bambola counter will help to assess the information. You can do it by changing owner of DTS package and schedule them to run with SQLAgent account.
May also refer to books online about DTS SECURITY for more information. _________
Satya SKJ