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Dynamic security for dimension

I would like to know about security if any body is having idea about it. I am having dimension in which there are four levels. The data must be seen to a user which is pertaining to his or her level. There are n number of users who is going to access this application My dimension is as follows. DU (Delivery Unit)
Subproject. If I am users and working on subproject then I should be able to see data up to subproject.In another case if I would be having access up to project level then I should able to see subprojects which are in my projects only. The same will be treated for above levels (Account, DU). Your help is appreciated!
You can enforce this type of security using the Cube Role Manager in analysis services even at the member level. Look up "Custom Rules in Dimension Security" in BOL.
Thnaks for your reply. Can you give me an example or site reference which will guide me about problem?
Actually when I had to implement dimenion level security I used BOOKS ONLINE (BOL) as a reference and it provided me with everything I needed. Raulie