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Dynamic SQL stored procedures

Hi, all: Kind of new to reporting services. I’ve been playing around with SQL Reporting Services and was wondering if anyone knows how to populate the fields from a dataset in the Report Designer from a stored procedure that uses dynamic SQL. I’ve had success with non-dynamic stored procedures and inline queries, but am unable to generate fields when the sp contains dynamic SQL. I’ve tried defining the fields manually, but when I execute the report I receive errors that the fields are undefined. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Shane Liu

Hi Shayne, I’ve been trying to get around an issue similar to this also and have been on the MS RS newsgroup to try and get some answers. You might find this of use also – try following this link, if it doesn’t work, just go to the group itself and search for Dynamic SQL (note, the search sometimes fails even though you know it’s there, so you might have to ask it to search a few times). http://www.microsoft.com/sql/commun…3-6334-48D8-A2C3-72A1BEF0053D&dglist=&ptlist= HTH regards Matt
Thanks, Matt for the info. I will give it a try. Regards,