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Dynamic vs. Basic Disks Performance HELP PLEASE

I have a SQL 2000 cluster and with the cluster I have to use Basic disks. Has anyone seen a performance difference in writing to Basic disks vs dynamic disks?
We have a stored procedure that was sendingh I think 2900 writes or calls to the databse when executed. When we ran this same stored procedure agaist a server that used dynamic disks we noticed that the procedure ran very quickly. When we ran the procedure on Basic disks we noticed that the procedure ran much slower. We tested the copies at the OS level from dynamic to basic form dynamic to dynamic and from basic to basic and saw no difference. Does SQL server adress Basic disks differently or could I be overlooking something. Help please>>>>>>>>
Most likely this problem has nothing to do with the type of disk you use. There are many other differences that have bigger impact when you compare servers. For example has the stored procedure been run before and thus existed in cache? If so was the cached plan the same on both servers. Are the indexes the same and are they updated? Do you have similar hardware and disk configuration. Do you run the query locally on the SQL server or remote (if remote it could be network issues). The list continues. I would update indexes and statistics and clear the procedure cache. Then run the queries locally on the servers and compare query plans to verify that they are identical. First when they are identical you can try and find other issues/differences.
I agree with Argyle, the disk is not the problem, it is something else. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP