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Dynamically partitioning the table

I have a huge table and planning to partitioning that table dynamically. My table constrained among the sub partitioned tables by the column of ‘CampaignId’. When a row had been inserted, if its CampaignId is not exist in the table before it was created, I want to create a new table and alter the partitioned table combiner View. So, the users of the view wouldn’t be impacted. StoragerTable [Main Table]
StoragerTable_View [Combiner View for partitioned tables] StoragerTable_Campaign3 [Partitioned Table]
StoragerTable_Campaign4 [Partitioned Table]
StoragerTable_Campaign5 [Partitioned Table] If a new record has campaign id of 6 that would create a new table as: StoragerTable_Campaign6 [Partitioned Table] And the combiner view would be altered to union all of the partitioned tables. How could I? Thank you
http://www.winnetmag.com/SQLServer/Forums/messageview.cfm?catid=1664&threadid=122135 for reference on your question. Satya SKJ
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