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Embed report in ASP.Net application?

Has anyone been able to embed a report *with expand/collapse* in an existing ASP.Net application? I can find two ways to do this. None of which work well… 1) Use the ASP.Net control that comes with Reporting Services. This simply creates an IFRAME on the web page that calls the web service. This works well if you have a report that is exactly the same size all the time other wiseit when it expands the IFRAME doesnt. this results in a pretty poor looking page. 2) Make a direct call to the web service, convert the byte array to a string and place it in a literal control. This works well…until a user clicks on one of the expand/collapse images. These images have links directly to the report web service so when a user clicks on them they come out of your applicationa and go directly to the web services… I wrote something that can call the web service and replace all the links within the returned HTML with links to the current page but this is pretty kludgy…

I feel you better get response from MS Newsgroups dedicated for Reporting services and moreover it relates to ASP.NET. _________
Satya SKJ