Enhancing Reporting Services with Dundas Reporting Controls

Calendars in Reports
A Calendar control is another reporting control which is not supported by many reporting tools in the market. Nevertheless, Dundas reports have a calendar control for SSRS.

In case you need to show tasks as in Microsoft Office Outlook, you can use Dundas Calendar Reports. You have the option to view tasks in Year, Quarter, Month, Week and Day. Calendars can be one of several different styles such as ‘PreviousCurrent’, ‘CurrentQuarter’, ‘Single’ and ‘FullYear’.

Maps in Reports
Displaying maps is not an easy reporting task. However, there is a reporting tool from Dundas to help display maps as shown in the following reports. 

In this report, region wise sales are shown in the map. According to this report, the US region has sales for 60 million and Canada has 20 million while Australia has 10 million sales.

If you click the US region you will be taken to the detail report of the US region which is displayed below.

Likewise, if you select Canada you will be taken to the detail report for the Canadian region.

You can display either the name of the province or the sales amount depending on your requirement.

There are several regions like, Asia, Europe, Africa, Japan, China, India and South America that you can show using Dundas Map.

I have found two issues with these Dundas maps:
1. Region cannot be parameterised. For example, if you select region and you want to move it to the correct region, you need to have several reports and need to use the SWITCH command to display the correct report.

=SWITCH(Fields!Name.Value=”United States”,”dundas_us_region”,FieldsName.Value=”Canada”,”dundas_canada_region”)

2. When you want to navigate to other report, there should be at least one parameter. In the above case, though I didn’t want any parameters to pass to the other report, instead you need to pass a dummy parameter.

You can download an evaluation copy for each control from the links given below. From these installations, you will get a sample report solution for each control from which you can get assistance. Most of the above screen shots were taken from the sample solutions which are installed together with the relevant control




Dundas Chart for
Reporting Services 
http://www.dundas.com/Downloads/downloadRequest.aspx?SKU=DCRS2.2EVAL http://www.dundas.com/Products/Chart/RS/index.aspx
Dundas Gauge for
Reporting Services 
http://www.dundas.com/Downloads/downloadRequest.aspx?SKU=DGRS1.5EVAL http://www.dundas.com/Products/Gauge/RS/index.aspx
Dundas Calendar for
Reporting Services
http://www.dundas.com/Downloads/downloadRequest.aspx?SKU=DCALRS1.6EVAL http://www.dundas.com/Products/Calendar/RS/index.aspx
Dundas Map for
Reporting Services 
http://www.dundas.com/Downloads/downloadRequest.aspx?SKU=DMRS1.0EVAL http://www.dundas.com/Products/Map/RS/index.aspx

SQL Server 2008 Support
Microsoft acquired Dundas Technology to use the control in SQL Server 2008. This means that there shouldn’t be any doubts about Dundas support in SQL Server 2008. Apart from the support for SQL Server 2008, there are additional features as well.

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