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Error: 18452; very urgent

We have 2 failover servers and one client in our test environment. We have all the three configured in mixed mode authentication(windows + sql server authentication). But when we are failing over from 1st server to 2nd one, we are getting the following error message,
‘Unable to connected to server xxxx: Server : Msg 18452, Level 16, State 1 [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Login failed for user ‘null’. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL server connection.’
I got some clue.
For instance we have ser1(active) and ser2(passive) as clusters. I registered both in the client’s EM. Now what I did was, I made ser1 to run and stopped sql service in ser2 (active/passive) through failover. Now in the client’s EM I’m able to open ser1 and I cannot access ser2. Now what I did was, I failed over to ser2 ( so sql service in ser1 is stopped). But now I can still be able to access ser1 and also I can access ser2, even I’m able to open query analyzer in ser1 through EM.But when I try to open query analyzer directly, it is giving the same error message. ser1 is the virtual name given to both ser1 and ser2. So I think when connecting through EM, failover is occuring fine.I’m just wondering why is this happening only with dsn.
If anybody could help me, that would be great.
Thanks in advance,

It’s hard to get a picture of your setup. For example "ser1 is the virtual name given to both ser1 and ser2" sounds confusing. You have two physical servers named ser1 and ser2. Then how many instances do you have in this cluster and what are their names? And are you connecting to the instance names or server names? And what Windows and SQL version are you running.
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I have 2 instances with the same name as ser1 and ser2. But ser1 and ser2 will be masked as ser1 so that clients can connect without any problem. Also we are failing over servers, not instances( so that if anything goes wrong with the server, then there will be less downtime).SQL server 2000 standard edition and windows 2003 server are used.
Hmm, it’s not possible to have the same name on your sql instance as on your physical servers. Also standard edition can not be clustered. So I still don’t have a clear picture of your setup. Example of what I mean with server and instance: MyServer1 – Physial server name of node 1
MyServer2 – Physial server name of node 2 On these you have two clustered sql instances:
VirtualSQL1Instance1 – Virtual SQL instance name 1, this is what client connects to
VirtualSQL2Instance2 – Virtual SQL instance name 2, this is what client connects to These instances are then either running both on the same physical server (active/passive) or you have one instance on each server (active/active).

Argyle is right, your problems are no doubt due to confusion between the node names and the virtual SQL server name.