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Error While open Meta Data in DTS – urgent.

Hi Gurus, Very Happy & Prosperous New Year to all. I’ve a couple of questions for you in DTS. 1). In my SQL Server, while opening Meta Data, it is throwing an error "Some Software (Activex Controls) on this page might be unsafe.It is recommed you not run it. Do you want to allow it to run?" after the above error, another message box. Run Time Error has occoured.
Do you want to Debug? if you click Yes button, the control breaks on OnLoadDBBrowse() in OpenView() function in repgeneral.htm file in 80ToolsBinnResources1033sqlmmc.rll/repgeneral.htm. pls guide me how can i resolve it? 2). In the same way, when i open DTS local packages, it is also throwing an error "The extended attributes are Inconsistant" what could be the cause of the above errors. . Pls guide me. Thanks in advance for your effort.[?]

After bit of search in the internet I found this it says if you come acrss this problem all you need to do is install internet
explorer 6 sp1
and the problem dissapears

Thank you for your quick reply Dineshanka, I’ll check and let you know the detail. warmest
Jayakumar K.