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Excel exporting problem

Okay, I’ll try my best to explain this….. I have a table on my report. Above the header for 5 of my columns, I need
to place a cell that spans all those columns. It looks like this: ————————————-
| h |
| h | h | h | h | h |
| d | d | d | d | d |
————————————- h = header row
d = detail row so, to do this I took the header cell for the left most column and merged it
with the
4 other header cells. Then I put a rectangle into that cell, and drew a
line through the middle to create the two level effect in the single header
cell. Then, where each ‘h’ is in the above diagram, I put a text box with
some text in it that serves as a label. So, basically all 5 of my detail
columns have their own individual header, as well as a header that applies to
all of them. When I run the report, and export it to PDF, everything looks great. When I
export to excel, I get a strange effect. SRS seems to want to put the cell
for the textbox in the bottom right most ‘cell’ in the header in a row below
the other 4 in the second header ‘row’.. So, it looks like this in Excel: ————————————-
| h |
| h | h | h | h | |
| h |
| —-|
| d | d | d | d | d |
h = header row
d = detail row Anybody have any idea what’s going on here? If I remove the 5th text box in
the header (the one that’s causing the problem), excel formats fine. It would be nice if I could merge cells across rows as well as columns,
because that would make this problem trivial. Any help is greatly appreciated. Jeff