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execute stored procedure with output to a .csv fil

have the following code (below) to create a SP which gets called by Crystal reports to display a report on a screen. <br /><br />What I need help with …. I need to find out of there is a way in T-SQL or SQL Server to execute this Store Procedure and have the output go to a .csv file???? <br /><br />CREATE PROCEDURE SP_Program_Schedule<br />@Searchtext varchar(100) = null,<br />@StartDate datetime = null,<br />@EndDate datetime = null,<br />@StartTime smallint = null,<br />@EndTime smallint = null,<br />@House_No varchar(<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-11.gif’ alt=’8)’ /> = null,<br />@Premiere char(1) = null,<br />@Liveflag char(1) = null,<br />@Sddflag char(1) = null<br />AS<br />SET NOCOUNT ON<br />SELECT DISTINCT <br />dbo.Schedule_Reports.Report_Show_Date, dbo.Schedule_Reports.Report_Show_Time, dbo.Schedule_Reports.Report_Sort_Order, <br />dbo.Schedule_tester.tester_Show_End_Time, dbo.Schedule_tester.tester_Show_Name, dbo.Schedule_tester.tester_House_No, <br />dbo.Vw_Genre_Catgry_Shows.Category_Code, dbo.Vw_Genre_Catgry_Shows.Category_Desc, dbo.Vw_Genre_Catgry_Shows.Genre_Code, <br />dbo.Vw_Genre_Catgry_Shows.Genre_Desc, DATENAME(Weekday, dbo.Schedule_Reports.Report_Show_Date) AS WD, <br />dbo.Schedule_tester.tester_Episode_No, dbo.Schedule_tester.tester_Premiere_Flag, dbo.Schedule_tester.tester_Live_SDD_Flag, <br />dbo.Episodes.Episode_Title AS tester_Episode_Title, dbo.Episodes.Episode_Desc AS tester_Episode_Desc<br />FROM dbo.Episodes RIGHT OUTER JOIN<br />dbo.Schedule_tester ON dbo.Episodes.Episode_No = dbo.Schedule_tester.tester_Episode_No AND dbo.Episodes.Episode_Title = dbo.Schedule_tester.tester_Episode_Title RIGHT OUTER JOIN<br />dbo.Schedule_Reports ON dbo.Schedule_tester.tester_Show_Date = dbo.Schedule_Reports.Report_Show_Date AND <br />dbo.Schedule_tester.tester_Show_Start_Time = dbo.Schedule_Reports.Report_Show_Time LEFT OUTER JOIN<br />dbo.Vw_Genre_Catgry_Shows ON dbo.Schedule_tester.tester_Show_Name = dbo.Vw_Genre_Catgry_Shows.Show_Name<br />WHERE dbo.Schedule_Reports.Report_Show_Date &gt;= COALESCE(@StartDate, dbo.Schedule_Reports.Report_Show_Date ) <br />and dbo.Schedule_Reports.Report_Show_Date &lt;= COALESCE(@EndDate, dbo.Schedule_Reports.Report_Show_Date ) <br />and dbo.Schedule_Reports.Report_Sort_order &gt;= COALESCE(@StartTime, dbo.Schedule_Reports.Report_Sort_order)<br />and dbo.Schedule_Reports.Report_Sort_order &lt;= COALESCE(@EndTime, dbo.Schedule_Reports.Report_Sort_order)<br />and ( dbo.Episodes.Episode_Desc like COALESCE(@Searchtext, dbo.Episodes.Episode_Desc) <br />OR dbo.Episodes.Episode_Title like COALESCE(@Searchtext, dbo.Episodes.Episode_Title) <br />OR dbo.Schedule_tester.tester_Show_Name like COALESCE(@Searchtext, dbo.Schedule_tester.tester_Show_Name ))<br />and dbo.Schedule_tester.tester_House_No = COALESCE(@House_No, dbo.Schedule_tester.tester_House_No)<br />and dbo.Schedule_tester.tester_Premiere_Flag = COALESCE(@Premiere, dbo.Schedule_tester.tester_Premiere_Flag)<br />and (dbo.Schedule_tester.tester_Live_SDD_Flag = COALESCE(@Liveflag, dbo.Schedule_tester.tester_Live_SDD_Flag) OR<br />dbo.Schedule_tester.tester_Live_SDD_Flag = COALESCE(@Sddflag, dbo.Schedule_tester.tester_Live_SDD_Flag))<br />GO<br />
What about to create a job and write the output in .csv file?. When you create a Job, the step "New Job Step" has a "Advanced" tab. You can create output there.
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You can take help of ISQL or OSQL utility to create output file as .CSV.Check books online. Satya SKJ
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