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Execution was canceled by user error

I am running DTS jobs as steps within another DTS job. When I schedule the job it runs fine. However when I manually go into the main DTS job and try to execute any of the DTS job steps within it (for testing) I get the message: Error Source: Microsoft Data Transformation Services (DTS) package. Error Description: Execution was canceled by user Does anyone know how to get round this?
The execution cancelled by the user message can be triggered by 3 actions: 1/ A user actually pressing the cancel button – not relevent in your case. 2/ When executing a package programmatically you fail to set the pbCancel parameter to false – not relevent in your case. 3/ When a sub package is executed by an execute package task, the behaviour of the child package in terms of success and failure can result in this message instead of a failure message. Try disabling all steps in the package bar this one and then execute it as scheduled again. If it gives the same issue then execute the child package through agent and see what happens.