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Exporting to Excel in SQL Reporting problems

Hello, I was asked by my production manager to figure out this SQL Reporting Services thing, and am running into some small snags. First I create a report, and render and save it in excel format. When I open up the report the fields only have numbers in them, even if they were generated from an expression. What I would like to do is design a report with embedded excel expressions. Say, the last column is =sum(A1:A5) so when viewing the report in excel that expression is called and executed. The reason behind this, is currently we use a series of stored procedures and/or DTS packages to generate report tables. We then copy these into excel spreadsheets, run a formatting macro, and print – up to 50 times per report set. I was hoping with SQL Reporting this could be automated. I already have an Access form that runs multiple reports and exports them into excel format… now I just need a way for our clients to be able to click on fields and see the excel code behind it (where the values come from). On another note, the embedded charting/graphing support seems very weak compared to excel. Hell the chart colors are only determined by a set of defaults (you get 5 or 6 color configurations from a drop down). Gap width and the ability to put images over the graph aren’t allowable, and the graphs turn into images when exported into excel. We’re just looking to improve the performance of our reporting services. Right now SQL reporting doesn’t seem to have the capabilities we are looking for, but I hope I am wrong. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide me with!