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Extracting information from Cube

Hello to you all. I have a problem that i have to resolve and i dont quite know how to do it.
We are running at my firm an OLAP cube that shows us some information about the sales, the
stock and other informations. The olap cube is accessed with an excel sheet. Some of the resulting data from the cube is needed to other reports. Is there a posiblity to extract the data from de processed cube? I know i can connect to the cube with DTS. Now, im am stuck with the MDX syntax… The only thing i need is to extract the results of two columns:
Exemple: Col1 Col2
154 4555
34657 355
345 9887
and so on…the numbers under the Col, are resulting values from the cube.
Of course, these values are filtered i need them only within a perioud and so on…
I hope i wasnt that confusing… Thank you.
No you did not confuse me but you kind of answered your own question. If you need to pull data from a cube the best way to start is to learn how to write MDX "queries". If you can give an example of your cube layout I may be able to help. Raulie

Raulie, i guessed it is a mdx query but im totaly lost at writing mdx. I cant even find some documentation about it and not the exemples i find in the sql help file.
What do you want to know about my cube… I would apreciate your help, thank you.
I have found lots of mdx documentation on the web and msn website also there are good books for programming in mdx. Raulie
Well, can you tell me about what do you want to know about my cube? About the books…i cant find any…or i am to dummy…