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Fast Backup for disaster Recovery

I am looking at SQLZIP but does anyone know if it can be used in a Cluster environment?
At home, I don’t remembe.
Here is support mail. [email protected]
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I don’t think the program is cluster aware, but it will backup and compress SQL Server backups on a cluster. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP
A good article about DR planning and hope this helps to plan the setup. And I don’t think SQLZIP never assumes whether its on cluster or non-cluster environment and it can be used anytime you want to speed up moving backups to other SQL Server, such as for test or development servers, or warm-standby servers. It can also be used for log shipping. Another potential use is to store backups on a server that has limited disk space. Best bet is to followup SQLZIP as referred by Luis to their support. Satya SKJ
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Thanks guys. I actually emailed them before I made this post but who knows with these companys. They usually don’t return email too quickly so i thought I would check with you guys first. Here is my email to them and their response so that anyone else who needs to know knows: My email:
Can I install this onto a Microsoft Cluster Environment running Win2k Advanced Active/Passive, SQL Server 2000 ENT SP3.
Can I execute a SQLZIP backup directly to a mapped drive, say a SNAP 4100 server ?
Thats it. Thanks Their response:
The answer to both of your questions is yes. To install SQLZIP on a cluster, execute the install on both nodes using the same directory for the SQLZIP code. Also, UNC named files ( \myserverf$mssql….) can be used by SQLZIP. Note that the speed of SQLZIP can be impacted by the performance of your network.