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Fastest DTS method

Hi all, I need to create a DTS package that will on a daily basis transfer +- 150000 rows from around 3 tables holding around 18 million (and growing) rows of data. I’d like to get this as fast as possible so besides coding an insert …. select … statement to transfer the data, does anyone know of some sexy tips to speed this process up besides dropping the indexes on the table receiving the rows? Thanks
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– Create Index on the Source Tables
– Use WITH FASTLOAD Option – This creates less log but you have to take destinantion database backup after operstion.
– Txfr the data in batches.
– Pre-Grow the destination database and log to appropriate size.
– If TempDB is being used, pre-grow database and log file.
– Keep source and destination on different tables. Gaurav
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How about using BCP or BULK INSERT which are far better than DTS in terms of the performance, I believe you know about BOL for reference. Satya SKJ
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