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file is grabbed locally

ok folks, I created a DTS package. The DTS imports a file. However, I noticed that when I run Enterprise Manager from my Windows XP machine(a remote machine), and I run the DTS package, the file is being retrieved locally on my machine rather than the server. What is the fix for this? I don’t want to always terminal services to the server just to run it.
You could specify an absolute path to the file, but Im guessing if you run it locally you wont be able to access that path
But why run it locally at all? Cant you just schedule it to run onthe server in SQL Agent ?
Yes, it is scheduled. However, there are times that we need to run it manually. This usually happens when DTS fails to process the data due to bad format of the input file provided by user to the shared directory. When you said absolute path, did you mean UNC convention?
Yes it is better to go with UNC convention than stating local path, also ensure SQLAgent has required privileges to create or enumerate the referred file on the path. Satya SKJ
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