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fn_get_sql privelages ???

Hi Everyone
As a developer in an OLTP/OLAP system which processes thousands of transaction/Reports a day, we often come across situations where performance /blocking are occurring. Using sp_who and various commands, I can work out what spid is causing the block etc.
However when it comes to finding out what SQL caused the issue I need to get hold of a DBA and get him to run the fn_get_sql function against that spid because it can only be run by a sysadmin. Can a developer be given privileges to use this function without being a member of sysadmin? The server is sql server 2000

From BOL: Permissions
Only members of the sysadmin fixed server role can run the fn_get_sql function.
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It is better to keep this privilege to SYSADMIN, as it involves searching inside process of SQL connections. You can use that function efficiently as perhttp://vyaskn.tripod.com/fn_get_sql.htm link and login must be under SA privileges. Satya SKJ
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Agreed, you should team up with your DBA to address this issue. And granting sysadmin privileges on a prod box is no option. —
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Thank you for your replies.