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For Loop?

It doesnt look like its feasible but I will ask anyway…. Can you do For Loop in maybe an Expression?
AFAIK no. In many senses, since expressions are more often than not working on rows, they are already in a for each row loop. Maybe if you explain what you are trying to do there maybe some alternative suggestions ?
HTH Jasper Smith
Hi Jasper, One of my existing reports(in access) is more like a form than a report. Anyways, it has a details section where each record is displayed in its own box. These boxes are there whether or not there is any record. So for example there are 100 boxes on the form and if there are only 2 records, you will see 98 empty boxes. In access, i use a for loop to make the boxes invisible based on the recordcount. I am guessing the only way to do this is for each of these 100 boxes, set an expression to change its visibility?!?