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Format Currency

if i run the below sql statement in Query analyzer
select 2967.0000 +1.1480 +217.7942 it’s giving ————
3185.9422 the same field i am formating to currency in Reporting services report, there i am getting $3184.79 i am losing nearly 2 dollers. if any one faced same problem before please kindly point me the solutions. Thanks
Mathi Thanks & Regards
Mathivanan K
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It seems the output from Query analyzer is correct as far as arithmetic is concerned. —
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Seems the second value : 1.1480 is being missed out in Reporting services report as this is exactly the difference if you take precision upto two digits —
Sunil "Its nice to be Important, But its more important to be Nice"
At the reporting services report,
drag in the field to a textbox then right click on the textbox, choose Expression Edit the expression:
="$" & Format(sum(Fields!YourFieldName.value, YourDataSetName),"##,###,##0.00") and you should be able to get the correct result..