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2005 Profiler tip….

If you run profiler via sp_trace_create, be aware that you cannot have an INT as the last character of your @TraceFile parameter if the @Options is set for ‘file rollover’. I have templates built for 2000 that create trace files as \SERVERNAME race_output_06252006.trc 2005 sp_trace_create complained that my file was invalid because it contained a number already when the file rollover option is on. I ended up having to rename my output file to \SERVERNAME race_06252006_output.trc and it worked fine. Always liked having to deal with these silly little idiosyncracies(sp?). Just figured some other folks may run into this…
Thanks for share.
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And it appears that "Duration" is now in microseconds (is milliseconds in 2000)… SELECT (Duration / 1000000) AS [Duration in seconds]
FROM ::fn_trace_gettable (‘File.trc’,default)