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2005 Upgrade advisor report

Hi! After executing the upgrade advisor tool on SQL Server 2000 we got the information messages as below, can some one please help me explaining about these messages.
you are a great help for me.
–> Remove references to undocumented system tables –> Other Database Engine upgrade issues –> Large backup or restore history tables make upgrade appear to hang –> Changes to behavior in syslockinfo and sp_lock –> Database maintenance plans superseded –> Outer join operators *= and =* are not supported in 90 compatibility mode –> Non-integer constants are not allowed in the ORDER BY clause in 90 compatibility mode –> Column aliases in ORDER BY clause cannot be prefixed by table alias –> Specify your SQL Server service account user name and password Thanks & Regards,
SQL Server DBA Mahi
I suggest to go to Microsoft Web to find out all the answers.
Those are incompatibilities with previus versions of 2005. Luis Martin
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Check also under books online for SQL 2005 in this case, as they are mostly documented the process.
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