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Hello! I heard from someone that the 32-bit architecture makes it possible for sql-server just to read 3.6GB (~4gb) of a db in memory. So if you are running on w2k3 enterprise edition, with sql-server 2000 enterprise edition on a 32-bit-box with 16 GB ram, it can only allocate ~4Gb of memory of each db instance. When I read on microsoft.com I see that it can allocate much more than 4Gb, but maybe this is total for all db instances and not on a single db instance? Anyone know how this works? Thank you!
SQL 2000 Enterprise Edition uses the Microsoft Windows 2000 Address Windowing Extensions (AWE) API to support memory up to 64 GB on Windows 2000 Data Center and up to 8 GB on Windows 2000 Advanced Server. Those values are independet of how much instances do you have. Luis Martin
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There is no configuration setting to allocate memory per database, as suggested by Luis the edition of SQL server will take care of the requirement. Satya SKJ
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