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32 bit vs. 64 bit SQL Server 2005

We are planning to migrate to 64 bit SQL Server 2005 with 64 bit OS on a production server.
Locally, all developers have 32 bit OS and 32 bit SQL Server 2005. I wanted to know what could possibly go wrong when we deploy the SQL code and SSIS packages that are developed in 32 Bit SQL Server 2005 to a 64 bit SQL Server 2005.
We cannot afford to have 64 bit in development environment. Thanks and Regards,

Yes, you can deploy SSIS packages developed on 32 bit server without any issues…
You can also restore databases from 32 bit to 64 bit and vice versa… http://www.teratrax.com/articles/sql_server_64_bit.html
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No worries migrating the 32 bit to 64 bit as the database will be same between the bit versions, but make sure the service pack system is same in this case. Satya SKJ
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