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6.5 msdb filling up…

Here at work, we have an extremely large SQL 6.5 database, and we perform several scheduled tasks. I believe this is filling up my msdb database slowly but surely. What tables should I clean out in order to free up space in the msdb database? Thanks!! [8D] ———-
T Kelley
afaik, msdb is only used to support the scheduling and history of jobs in sql server agent. is the database really getting so big youre thinking of a need to shrink it ? I use a lot of scheduled jobs, and ive not really encountered this problem. The only table id be very confident of clearing out manually is sysjobhistory.

In 6.5 you can use SP_PURGEHISTORY which is a SQL Executive SP which clears all records found by matching all specified parameters.
Satya SKJ

…also under the ‘Manage Schedule Tasks’ window goto Options and limit the size of history log or clear the log which can reduce the size of MSDB by clearing out SYSTASKS & SYSHISTORY tables. _________
Satya SKJ