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8k Limit

is a view also restriccted by an 8k limit
Hi ya, nope in a view you can have 4096 columns each 8000 bytes, as long as you don’t need temproary tables for sorting, etc when you do a select Cheers
Although a view might look like a table and to a certain degree act like a table, it is no real table, but rather virtual and as such not limited like tables or indexes. ….with the exception Twan mentioned. Frank
And what about indexed views ? I guess the indexed view is stored physically. Then will that have same limitations as a table ?
Good point!
Take a look at BOL for ‘indexed views’ -> ‘Creating an Indexed View’
From what I read there, the result set is stored in the db and so I guess it must be subject to those 8k boundaries.

yes indexed views are just tables so are bound by the same row size limitations Cheers