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A Puzzled Problem

I now meet with a trouble about backup database! I perform backup on local disk for a database just like below:
BackUp database STN to Disk=’D:BackupSTNSTN_Full.Bak’ with initand this step is successful!
I run the next step to copy the backup file to a remote server:
Exec master..xp_cmdshell ‘net use \$ yitang#8 /user:MyDomainadministrator’
Exec Master..xp_cmdshell ‘copy /y D:BackupSTNSTN_Full.Bak \$BackupSTN’
Unfortunately the step last tens of minutes and hardly seccussed for a month! But it alway seccussed before! I trace the step and error ‘The specified network name is no long
er available.).’ was found!
Later I decide to test the copy operation only and I create a job on SQL Server
Exec master..xp_cmdshell ‘net use \$ yitang#8 /user:MyDomainadministrator’
Exec Master..xp_cmdshell ‘copy /y D:BackupSTNSTN_Full.Bak \$BackupSTN’
The remote server( became unreponsive at the monment I start the job! But I can ping it! The ping is ok!I am very puzzled! It seems the network sevice paused when I try to copy a huge file to it! I cancel the job and the remote server becomes reponsive immediately!
It is very obvious that It failed when I copy huge file (>3GB). I copy the file by using ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ manually through windows GUI and it never fail!!!
What happened? I am very puzzle and fretted!
anybody can help me?
Thanks in advance!
My E-mail:[email protected] Windows2000 Advance server+SP4 (English)
SQL Server2000 Enterprise Edition+SP4(English)
I believe some problem with the network and check whether any issue with router, hub or a cable.
Take help of network admin in this case to run granular testing on network to ensure this issue is avoided and ensure the SQLAgent has required privileges to copy the files between the servers. Satya SKJ
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Try Mapping your Target drive and then copy.