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a red x on the Replication Monitor.

Hi, I have an application that use a stupid replication with source and target database on the same server. Now I want to test my restore plan and I want to use a dev server. Every time when I want to install replication a red x sign appear on the Replication Monitor.
I don#%92t have this problem on the prod server. Somebody can tell me where the mistake is.
The only one difference that I see is that I use win 2000 professional on the dev server and win 2003 on the prod server. Many thanks!

i guess u need to use a win2000 server rather than professional to monitor that process… Regards
You must ensure to use similar versions of SQL & Operating systems within the replication, sometime it may lead to the troubles which are a simple ones but takes ages to resolve. Replication Monitor is activated as a component of a server in SQL Server Enterprise Manager only when the server is enabled as a Distributor and the current user is a member of the sysadmin fixed server role. All replication agents must be scheduled through SQL Server Agent. Replication and Replication Monitor will not work unless SQL Server Agent is running.
Satya SKJ
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