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About SQL Server Application through T1 lines

It is good practice to run application through T1 lines?
Lets say, 1 server, 8 processors, 4gb of ram, 1 tb of space
running 4 sites conected through T1 lines
about 500 users, all 500 users hitting the server, I once saw a documents from microsoft saying that its no good practice to have applications running from remote sites, and it was better to have a sql server on each site. Now i’ve been looking for that document and can’t find it. If anyway one know’s about this plz let me know!
Unless you have really good response time between the sites this setup will be very slow. It doesn’t matter how much hardware you put on it since the network speed will be the main issue. But it of course it depends on the application as well. If it’s not heavily used or doesn’t send a lot of data it could work. One solution could be to put the applications centrally at the same site as the SQL Server and then let users connect to a terminal server at this site and run the application from there.
You might look at Citrix also. It’s a good solution for what Argyle suggested. –I can’t believe I typed Citrus. What a dumbass. MeanOldDBA
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What is Citrus?
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