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I have got a publisher with 76 gb and Eight subcribers. From last 2 or 3 days, Its creating heavy problems. More then 70 pcs are connected with the server pc and are being used as client. Most of the time, after running 5 or 10 minutes very smoothly, the software becomes very very slow. In that time it works very slowly and often gives ‘timedout expierd’ error. Please tell me what could be the issue of this problem and how could it be solved. Please its urgent. Help is needed.

Hello Fazle… Welcome to the forums…
I’ll tell you one thing there is no straignt forward answer to this, you might need to check many thing starting from….
1. Open Transactions
2. Open Cursors.
3. Blocking & deadlocking issues.
4. Long running & CPU intensive queries.
5. CPU, Memory & IO counters……
What happened exactly which made your databasse server slow, I mean in between the time it was running fine and when it is slow.
All these topics have been discussed here n number of times. Try to search for it.
Hope this helps…..

I believe the timeout might be occurring due to latency in network, tables (with no indexes or not optimized) for better performance.


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