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Access Denied

Hi All, I wrote a batch (.sql file) in SQL Server 2005 Managment Studio and saved it. When i am trying to open it in any other editor (like Notepad), i am getting error message saying "Access Denied". Can anybody tell me why is it happening and how to overcome it? It used to be okay in SQL Server 2000 Amit
bit strage? is this happening for all the .sql files you are saving or for a one particular file —————————————-
All .sql files in that folder. Some of them were not even created by SQL Server 2005 management studio. It is really horrible. Amit
is it in a network folder?- if so check user permission. —————————————-
When you’re trying to open them on notepad or other editor, are they opened by SSMS? Satya SKJ
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Yeah the files could be opened through SSMS but not through notepad. As i was not able to use other editors so i moved back to SQL Server 2000 QA and took the latest code from our source repository Amit