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Accessing SQL Server DB through Access Forms

We rencently migrated Access DB to SQL Server 2005 DB; linked all the access tables to SQL server.
When trying to use the access forms that connected to SQL server db; we are getting the follow issues: 1. When working locally – everything is fine
2. When users access the form from remote location using citrix:
a. we get the error ‘Connection Failed:’
SQL Server Error: 0
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Cannot generate SSPI context
3. It keeps prompting for username and password for each and every operations Please advice, thanks in advance for assisting on this
Assuming this is an MDB or MDE front-end, not an ADP or ADE one … Looks like you have Windows integrated authentication, so you should test what happens if you use SQL authentication. With SQL logins, force a relink of the ODBC-linked tables on startup.
Thanks Adriaan. For migration and table link used MS SQL Server Migration Assistant for Access tool Are you asking me to relink using ODBC? Thanks again