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Add a new table to Transactional Replication

Hello Folks, I need help to add a table "TABLEB" to a publication in the transactional replication. The transactional replication was already set up between two servers (with remote distribution database server) and transactions are propaged to the subscribers. Now I want to add a new table as an article to the existing publication through script (sp_addarticle) without regenerating a new snapshot and reinitializing of the subscriptions. So I added the table on both publisher and subscriber databases after that I added this table to the replicaiton by executing sp_addarticle at publication database and copied the system stored procedures (sp_MSins_TABLEB, sp_MSupd_TABLEB,sp_MSdel_TABLEB) in subscriber database. It seems everything is fine (this article is also in distribution article list) but the transactions are not propaged to subscribers. I dig into replication monitor to get more details of this issue and I found the information message "the initial snapshot for article TABLEB is not yet available" in the distribution details. I would really like to know the missing piece to complete the processing of adding a new table to the publication in transactional replication without regenerating snapshot and without reinitializing of subscription. If you need more information of my issue please let me know. I really appreciate anyone’s help and time. Thanks, Bhushan
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Run the snapshot agent so that the new table will be propagated to subscriber…
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