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Adding a Processor

I got a Dual Processor Motherboard Server
Running 2 – Athlon 2400+ MP
Processors the one processor is showing up as 2, which is hyperthreading
but the 2nd processor is not operating.
and is not even showing up?
Any way i can get this 2nd processor up.
are you upgrading you machien from single to dual? if so you neeed to replace the HAL….change from Uniprocessor to dual proc bert
I updated the hal by updating the drivers on the Processor
Its a ACPI Multiprocessor Machine.
It has 2 Processors shown in the Processors Tab, But isnt that because of paralellism
I ran tests on my Processor while Pushing out information heres the Process Moniter image. As you can see it between the 2 Proc’s never goes above 100% thats what lead me to believe that its one Processor Showing as 2 Due to the parallelism, or Hyperthreading.
But I didnt think that was possible on Athlon.