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Adding Windows Group to SQL Server Security Login

Hi Everyone, For efficient user permissions managebility in SQL Server 2005, I wanted to create Windows NT groups and add those groups to SQL Server 2005 then assign required permissions instead of adding individual users to SQL Server 2005 logins. So I created a windows NT group on Windows 2003 enterprise 64 bit and added few windows users to this group then I tried to add this group to SQL Server 2005 Security Login. SQL Server 2005 threw the below error message while adding this group. Error Message: Create failed for Login ‘Servernamegroupname’.(Microsoft.SQLserver.smo) An exception occurred while executing a Transact-SQL statement of batch.(Microsoft.Sqlserver.connectionInfo) Windows NT user or group ‘ServernameGroupname’ not found. Check the name again. microsoft SQL server, error: 15404 ————————————————— In fact, the user group is created by me ( I hope that I have enough permissions on the server otherwise I couldn’t create a group and add some windows uers to that group) but SQL Server 2005 is saying that the user group is not existed. I would really appreciate your help to add successful Windows NT user group to SQL server 2005 security login. Thanks, Bhushan Bhushan Kalla
AFAIK, any Windows user group must be created on the domain server, and after that you can grant the user group access to this instance of SQL Server.
As you have mentioned you have created a GROUP on your Windows 2003 ENT Server and then created some users and add them to a previously created group. After that when you are trying to add them in to SQL Server it refused to do so , if this is the case you must ensure that SQL Server is also on the same domain or if it is in another domain TRUST RELATIONSHIP between two domains has setup properly. Hemantgiri S. Goswami
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