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Additionl Virtual IP address

We have two node SQL cluster and I am planning to add two more NIC cards to the SQL cluster nodes and configure additional virtual ip address for the SQL virtual server, I know the additional virtual server can be configured by using the SQL software and add the ip address , my query is that , Is it required to two the two NIC cards to the CLuster administrator resource or i can use the additional Virtual address without that. Actually I am planning for transcational replication through this NIC card. Request all of your advise. Thanks
Hi ya, I’m unclear as to what you are trying to achieve…? Are you trying to create a new virtual server which then listens on the new VIP? Or, Aer you trying to add multiple VIPs to the same database instance? In which case teh question is what are you trying to achieve with this? Cheers
KBA;EN-US;q244980#XSLTH3141121122120121120120 for information that might help in addition to of what Twan is asking. Satya SKJ
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