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Alert creation problem

We are trying to create an Alert on SQL Server 2000 (SP3) installed on a Failover Clustered Server environment which looks at one of the User Settable performance counters. If you use Enterprise manager to add a new alert, there normally are two types available in the drop down box on the General tab; 1) SQL Server event alert and 2) SQL Server performance condition alert. The second option is not available on one of our production servers while it is available on all of our other servers, including another Failover Clustered Server environment. We can see all of the SQL Server Performance counters (including the User Settable counters) using Performance Monitor on the box. We also tried using the stored procedures to add an alert but got the follwoing error: Server: Msg 14262, Level 16, State 1, Procedure sp_verify_performance_condition, Line 46 The specified object_name (‘SQLServer:User Settable’) does not exist. Has anybody run into this missing option in SQL Server previously and know how to reinstate it?? I found nothing in the Microsoft Knowledge base on this. Mark
How about to reinstall sp3 or sp3a and try again?
Luis Martin
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Even I’m not able to find information about ‘sp_verify_performance_condition’ SP, post the statement used to add the alert for assessment. Satya SKJ
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I’ve come across this issue myself today, and came across a solution, a fix for which can be located via the following link.;en-us;812915 or entering the search on the Microsoft website for; Performance monitor shared memory setup failed: -1