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All about T-SQL Statements

Can someone give me give me basic to advanced T-Sql Statements.
You can start with reading Books online for basic and advanced T-sql.
You can also refer to this SSP site for huge lot of such statements.
They are many in numbers so you better start them reading from here on.
You can say basic queries of kind SELECT col1 FROM table1 WHERE col1>1 and advanced queries where you get the result by joining three or more tables or by using derived queries or sometimes by generating dynamic queries.
It’s a very broad sense for T-sql so you better read, read and read till you can define the diffrence.
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Can you be a bit more specific in your question? What are you looking for and why? If you are looking for a tutorium, have a look here:
Not SQL Server specific, but apart from this pretty good. —
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True, the solution depends on the question you ask and for a generic question there are too many options by referring such links. Satya SKJ
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