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All connections being logged in errorlog

my "Current log" has grown beyond the 5 meg mark by a little and can not be viewed – just hangs until I force quit EM. When I look at the physical log at sqlserverlogs I see every single connection to the DB is being logged. Why is that and can I stop it?

your question is not clear to me , would u plz descibe it properly ! 1) is it that you restrict growth of T-Log ? – you can reset it from 5MB to % or MB
2) If your login / user’s login entry is logged ,that means theirs a audit enable
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Ditto I don’t understand the problem, but restarting the SQL service will generate a new "current log".
Yea change the audit level from log all to log failure only.
Audit level can be changed on the instance properties security tab. I believe it requires an instance restart for the new setting to take affect.