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Alter Table- sql 6.0

Hi have two things need resolution 1)the output of SELECT LEN(program_name),program_name from master..sysprocesses in sql2000 i am gettin correctly with diff programs with different length
in sql 6.0 i can see every program name length is 30 . eg: SQl Perfmon has lenght 30 2)ALTER TABLE useractivity ALTER COLUMN [program_name] [varchar] (80) NOT NULL not workin in sql 6.00 . anyway one hav any idea hw to do tht in sql6.00 . Please tell me your experience abt it .

There is a huge difference in the architecture of SQL 6 and SQL 2000, whatever values executed are correct pertaining to that version. In version 6 there is no facility to ALTER COLUMN using ALTER TABLE, in order to achieve you must drop the table and recreate with new column names. Satya SKJ
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Gr8, bullseye ans. thank you