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altered date?

Hello all, does anyone know if / where SQL Server stores the last date that an object was altered? ie. I created a proc 2 weeks ago and it was altered sometime between then andf now, I want to know when it was altered last. Thx
To my knowledge SQL 2000 doesn’t. 2005 does however. In 2000 there is crdate column in sysobjects that will tell you when it was created but not altered… If your lucky and it is a proc they may have dropped and recreated it – the crdate will show this.
As Simon referred there is no such facility in SQL 2000, in order to do that you need to montior the events using either PROFILER or third party tool to read Transaction logs. Satya SKJ
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Or You need to maintain your own document on the changes you are doing Madhivanan Failing to plan is Planning to fail