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amount of free space to remain?

I have a few dbs of 10MB,45mb 100mb .i want to create maintainence plan for these.
what value should I enter in the box provided for
when it grows beyond:
amount of free space to remain:
How should I decide this?
I cant put 50 mb when i have 7mb for data and 3mb of log which total to 10mb for a db.
The size of transaction log set option depends on how frequently the database is used, and what type of transactions are handled. If mostly select queries then keeping 20% of database size to Tlog size is fine and if inserts/deletes and selects are high then keep the Tlog size to 50% of database size. And frequent transaction log backups will keep the Tlog size in managable size and if you choose SIMPLE recovery model then ensure to maintain the full backups regularly. Satya SKJ
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