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an error in ‘Inside SQL Server’?

I am reading ‘Inside SQL Server’ by Kalen Delaney (which is an excellent book, by the way) and I found something that puzzled me. On page 117 and 118, it says that maximum database size on SQL Server 2000 Personal Edition is 2GB. I have found no such information in BOL. Moreover, I use this edition and one of my databases is 16GB. Am I right in thinking that this is an error in the book? — Rediscover the web

Hm, looks like MSDE is meant. A corection isn’t mentioned here

quote:Originally posted by FrankKalis Hm, looks like MSDE is meant.
That was my first thought, too.
quote:Originally posted by FrankKalis A corection isn’t mentioned here
I’ve checked it out before posting here. And I’ve sent an e-mail to Karen to ask her this. — Rediscover the web