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Analysing Performance counter logs

Hi. I posted this here because it relates more to NT than SQL server… Im building up a collection of performance logs from performance monitor, and Ive noticed the the NT tool is not great at interrogating the logs. You can load up logs to see the graph, but then you must readd all the relevant counters, and its difficult to identify the exact date/time of a peak. Also I cant seem to open more than one logfile at a time, for a broader picture. Are there any 3rd party tools capable of helping analyse these logs?
Maybe I could import the logs into SQL and chart them using Excel, but its a bit fiddly. Thanks
I generally use SQL and Excel, and it can be a pain. There are some third party tools. One of them I have used is Event Log Manager from TNT Software. It automatically collects log data and stores it in SQL Server, and then allows you to create a multitude of reports. There are also other tools, but I have not used them.
Brad M. McGehee