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Any idea abt this error?

I have a job failed today morning because of this error Message
Unable to start execution of step 1 (reason: The SSIS subsystem failed to load [see the SQLAGENT.OUT file for details]; The job has been suspended). The step failed.
Seeing the error I can understand that it is a problem with the installation of SSIS, but I had the job running well the last week, but now it is failing.
hi, Have u changed the start up account of SQLSERVERAGENT service recently or changed the permissions. This may be due to the sqlserveragent service was not started with the privilage account. Also check the whether the package protection level is changed. Madhu

Is this server on a cluster? does it failover to other node? Mohammed U.
Ya thr is a cluster, can something be wrong with it?
Have you checked the SQLAGent.OUT file for more information in thsi regard, as Mohammed referred if you have failed over on cluster then make sure that SQLAgent has got relevant privileges on SSIS package too on other node. Could you be the problem of SSIS files on other node when trying to execute thsi job. Satya SKJ
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