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Any problems going with Lefthand SAN/IQ?

I am new to the SAN environments and am proposing 2 Dell PowerEdge 2950s in an SQL Cluster connected to an EMC CX3-10 SAN, basically because Dell is our equipment provider and they are partnered with EMC. I have a team member that says we should go with the LeftHand SAN/IQ that only comes on the HP Proliant and IBM Xseries servers since they are cheaper and easier to configure. Would there be drawbacks regarding SQL 2005 database performance going with the LeftHand SAN/IQ solution instead of the EMC SAN solution?<br /><br />2950 Config:<br />Quad Core Xeon Processor E53452x4MB Cache, 2.33GHz, 1333MHz FSB, PE2950 (222-7341) <br />Quad Core Xeon 2nd Processor E5345, 2x4MB Cache, 2.33GHz 1333MHz FSB, PE2950 (311-6967)<br /> 8GB 667MHz (4x2GB), Dual Ranked Fully Buffered DIMMs (311-6197)<br /> No Keyboard Selected (310-5017)<br /> Broadcom TCP/IP Offload EngineNot Enabled (430-1765)<br /> Riser with 3 PCIe Slots for PowerEdge 2950 (320-4607)<br /> Hard Drive MultiSelect Option (465-5674)<br /> PERC 5/i, x6 Backplane Integrated Controller Card (341-3066)<br /> No Floppy Drive for x6 Backplane (341-3685)<br /> No Operating System (420-6320) <br /> Mouse Option None (310-0024) <br /> Embedded Broadcom NetXtreme II5708 GigabitEthernet NIC (430-1764)<br /> Dell Remote Access Card, 5th Generation for PowerEdge Remote Management (313-3923)<br /> 24X IDE CD-RW/DVD ROM Drive for PowerEdge 2950 (313-3934)<br /> Bezel for PE 2950 (313-3920)<br /> 1×6 Backplane for 3.5-inch Hard Drives (311-5747)<br /> Electronic Documentation and OpenManage CD Kit, PE2950 (310-7415)<br /> Integrated SAS/SATA RAID 1 PERC 5/i Integrated (341-3059)<br /> Rack Chassis w/Sliding Rapid/Versa Rails and Cable Management Arm,Universal (310-7412)<br /> Premier Enterprise SupportService Gold Welcome Letter (310-3785)<br /> GOLD Enterprise Support: 4 Hour 7×24 Onsite Service with Emergency Dispatch,2 YR Ext (960-8322)<br /> GOLD Enterprise Support: 7×24 Escalation Manager, Hw/Sw Tech Phone Support, Enterprise Command Center, 3Yr (960-8572) <br /> GOLD Enterprise Support: 4 Hour 7×24 Onsite Service with Emergency Dispatch,Init YR (970-4190) <br /> Dell Hardware Warranty Plus Onsite Service Inital YR (984-1399)<br /> Dell Hardware Warranty, Extended YR (984-1417)<br /> On-Site Installation Declined (900-9997) <br /> Redundant Power Supply with Y-Cord for PowerEdge 2950 (310-7421) <br /> 73GB, SAS, 3.5-inch 15K RPM Hard Drive (341-3029) – Quantity 2<br /><br />EMC CX3-10 Config:<br />Base Unit DAE4P-OS 5x73GB 15k 4Gb CX3-10Hard Drive Bundle (222-8057) 1<br />GOLD Enterprise Support: 4-Hour 7×24 Onsite Service with Emergency Dispatch,Initial Year<br />(982-3930) 1<br />GOLD Enterprise Support: 4-Hour 7×24 Onsite Service with Emergency Dispatch,2 Year<br />Extended (982-0952) 1<br />GOLD Enterprise Support: 7x24Escalation Manager, Hw/Sw TechPhone Support, Enterprise<br />Command Center, 3Year (982-0992) 1<br />Dell Hardware Warranty, Extended (986-290<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-11.gif’ alt=’8)’ /> 1<br />Dell Hardware Warranty Plus Onsite Service Initial Year (986-2937) 1<br />HARDWARE INSTALL INCLUDED IN SAN/DAS IMP/INST BUNDLE (984-4327) 1<br />UPS Power Supply,1000W, 1U EMC (310-9091) 1<br />146GB 15K RPM Fibre Channel 4Gbps 3.5-in HotPlug Hard Drive (341-3783) 9<br /> <br />
is this application important? I do not see the point of a SAN in most cases
the SAN has a lot of features
but is pathetically weak in sequential IO
grossly over-priced on a per disk basis for a database, it is essential to have brute force capability
that is
multiple IO controllers (each over its own PCI-E bus/port)
a large number of disks the MD3000 supports clustered
you could probably get 2 MD3000, each with 15 73GB 15K drives for less than the above
but 4 MD3000, over 4 PCI-E SAS controllers is better
this would require the PE2900 which has 4 PCI-E slots