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Any recovery for truncate table in SQL2000?

So it’s 4:45pm, must be time for an emergency! One of our developers appears at my door asking ‘how do you recover from an accidental truncate table’? To me this seems alot like recovering from an accidental gunshot wound, and my reply would be ‘painfully! But he’s a nice guy so I reply ‘restore!’ In keeping with the emergency theme though, I find that since the developers are informally doing all the DBA work on their new box, work that I do on all our other systems, and since this is ‘just’ a development box, guess what?, no dumps of that database…ever! Didn’t figure there was much hope, but just thought I’d ask! (I’ll bet they’ll be happy to delegate those boring DBA tasks to the DBA now!) Thanks!

sorry, no recovery other than restore is possible for a truncate table… Funny how often development is thought of as non-production work, when often it is used to undertake a major part of the business work (i.e. developing new systems or enhancing existing ones) Cheers
True, once its gone … its gone forever and the only way is to restore from last backup. _________
Satya SKJ

If it is delete, probably you can UNDO it using some third party tools like Lumigent Log Explorer. But, truncate, since it does not write to log, you are out of luck if you don’t have a backup.