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Application Login failure /Invalid user name passw

Hello everybody, I am facing a strange kind of problem for the past 2 days .I work on a VB application which connects to the SQL Server database [ version 7.0 ]to store data and as well as to retrieve data.
The application is loaded on a clients machine and the client connects to a central SQL database.Some Nightly automated jobs are run on this Sql database every night when users log off the database. But couple of days back one of the jobs ran during daytime [ when users were logged into the system] resulting in Login problems for new users trying to connect to the database.And those who were already logged in got stuck .The fun part is that I am able to query the databse from the query analyzer but cannot connect to the databse from the VB application.The VB application connects well to a test database on a different machine. I had to restore a previous night backup to get the database working.The job I mentioned above takes a couple of min to run and it basically updates a few user defined tables. Can anyone tell me what’s happening in the connection part to the failed database?
Any help is highly appreciated !!! thanks.
Do you have sufficient licencies?.
I ask this, because if job was running fine during nigth, may be the problem is licencies.
If yes, check locks when job is running.
Luis Martin
Thanks for responding Luis . We have enough licenses .When the problem occured I restored a backed up DB and the users were able to login into the restored database.The job [which created the problem ] does some updates,Inserts into the DB tables by recursively calling a stored procedure . Does it has something to do with procedure cache. IF so, what steps are to be taken care of ? Thanks for the help!!
Can you post job script?
I gess the job take to many resources or lock tables. Luis Martin
The job doesn’t place the database into dbo only or single user only mode? Cheers
Hello again, Thanks for your reply’s to my question .I finally found the solution to my problem . The culprit was a session table value [ Seesion ID –>integer data type ].The integer value limit was reached and hence the logins fail .
Have a Good Day!!!