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Hi Everybody,
I’m working on a new database of 25GB in size with an expected 25% growth per year and an estimated 1000 TPS. Since I need to retain the old details for atleast 7 years. I would like to know whether I should Archive the database, which will be used just to generate reports or replicate. Pl. adivse or suggest. Thanks
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Yes, archive the data which willbe used for reporting purpose to addup performance on the live database to accomodate the application growth. The whole point of archiving depends upon the database design and how easily you want to deploy the archive process. link for further information on archive. (In future post the thread in relevant forums only). Satya SKJ
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Thanks Satya, can you tell me how can I do the same in a 2 node active-active clustered environment?
If I correctly understood your problem then my answer is:
In this situation (data archive) is there any difference between is it clustered environment or not? I think not. If you have 2 node active/active enviroment than I guess you will have to make 2 separate DB archives(in most cases 2 different db). Try to run satya’s recommended procedure when the servers are idle